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Signing Naturally Homework Answers Unit 4.14 neldazz




Take a nap and lie down. 3.If you want, I can call and have the manager give you your prescription. 4.I already have the green light to stop. 5.Why do you think they do that? 6.She’s going to drive really fast. 7.What do you mean, stop? 8.Are you sure that’s right? 8. Are you sure? Write the letter in italic. :3 8. Letter A One person seems a little crazy. The person is Maureen. I know this because Maureen loves horror movies and zombies. She also knows what the weather is in Philadelphia. I also know she loves her cat. One day she came over to my house and got me. I was really mad because she was being so loud. She told me to shut up because I was making her feel bad. She kept telling me that I wasn’t her friend anymore. That I was her enemy. I told her to shut up because I didn’t want her to be my enemy. She told me I had a lot of mean thoughts. She wanted to punch me in the face but I told her that it was okay. I am not a monster because I don’t like zombies, horror movies, and Maureen. She asked me why I was sad. I told her that I was sad because I was lonely. She said she was going to give me a hug. She gave me a hug. Homework Help: Signing Naturally Unit 2 Unit 2: You will be working with the following script: Scenario: You and a friend are at a store when a pretty woman walks in. You notice the woman looks like she is blind. You and your friend take turns signing the woman’s “object.” After you and your friend go on to the next scenario, the woman looks at you, says, “Wow! You signed with the hand that wrote the word ‘finger,’” and then walks off with her purchase. You try to sign a door to make the woman laugh and point to it but she says, “Well, I have to go to a play tomorrow, so I don’t have time to explain everything.” At the end of the day you will read some signs. Kobo ebook | Paperback | 8 pages | April 4, 2013 Save U.S. $





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Signing Naturally Homework Answers Unit 4.14 neldazz

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