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The Nest Studio

The Nest Society was founded in Compton, CA in 2018. We are here to connect with the inner city youth by opening doors through self-development and enrichment programs. Our first step is opening our state of the art studio in the heart of Compton! The Nest is a studio for the youth that will allow them to create, reach their audience, and provide them with opportunities to grow in the industry.

How can you apply for studio time?

We will be hosting the main event in the Summer of 2018 that will include guest judges ranging from your favorite music artists to producers. Sign up at today and get your chance to launch your music career.

Studio Time Winners

The artists that are selected will be provided with free studio time, development days and participate in community giveback events! Studio time will be provided throughout the week for participants and development days are always on the weekend! Community giveback events will also follow through on the weekends and will be required for each artists. Our community events will help our youth develop their character and get in touch with their own community.

Our goal is to create a safe haven for the musically inclined youth. We want to provide them with the proper equipment and surround them with the right people to help launch their career.

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